• Karunia Burhan Pramudhita Mercu Buana University
  • Sugeng Santoso Mercu Buana University



Distribution of Fuel Oil, ISO 31000, Risk Management, Risk Transfer


PT. Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) or PT. KAI is one of the State-Owned Enterprises which is engaged in inland transportation, namely trains. In the process of providing transportation services, PT. KAI requires a continuous supply of fuel oil. In the operation of the fuel supply chain, PT. KAI has potential risks such as losses and several other risks that can harm the company. From these problems, this research tries to conduct a risk analysis by applying the ISO 31000 risk management framework to determine the effectiveness of PT. KAI in managing fuel supply chain risks. The distribution of subsidized fuel has been implemented before 2012 by PT KAI is the loco scheme, where a high level of potential risk is found outside the risk tolerance limit so that PT. KAI responds to this problem with risk transfer. Where is PT. KAI tries to take risks by using third-party services to provide and manage fuel for train operations' consumption needs.


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