Optimasi Rancangan dan Optimasi Proses Pemesinan Komponen Ventilator Indonesia (VENT-i)


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Sub-Assy-Manifold, Manifold, DFA, Two-Level Full Factorial Design Experiment


Sub-assy-manifold is one of the most significant components inside Vent-i (Indonesian ventilator). The production of sub-assy-manifold consists of two main processes that are assembly process and machining process. The assembly process of sub-assy-manifold is the longest one that takes 23.4 minutes in total compared to other components. The assembly process takes 1.4 minutes/pcs, and the body manifold machining process takes 22 minutes/pcs. Therefore, it is too hard to produce 1000 units of Vent-i per month. Making 1000 units/month can be achieved if the assembly process and the component machining process are at 10.43 minutes maximum in total. The purpose of this research is to reduce the assembly process time and machining process time of sub-assy-manifold. It’s begun with analyzing the current design of sub-assy-manifold using DFMA (Design for Manufacturing Assembly) to reduce the assembly processes time. The two-level full-factorial design experiment is used to find the optimum machining process time. The variables used in this experiment are the type of machine tools, hole toolpath strategy, and surface toolpath strategy. The result shows that assembly process time decreases to 43%, and the machining process time decreases to 63%, and it only takes 9.9 minutes to make sub-assy-manifold in total. With this result, it is possible to produce 1000 units/month Vent-i.


NANCY J, Lebih Murah! ITB dan PHC Bikin Ventilator Harga Rp60 juta, Produk Impor Rp230 juta, https://ekonomi.bisnis.com/read/20210127/257/1348311/lebih-murah-itb-dan-phc-bikin-ventilator-harga-rp60-juta-produk-impor-rp230-juta . Diakses: 08 Agustus 2021

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