• Widjonarko Widjonarko University of Jember
  • Andi Setiawan University of Jember
  • Ardhiansyah Ilhami University of Jember



Speed Control, AC Chopper, Driver, Motor Universal, Fuzzy Logic Controller


The electric motor has the function is converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. Based on supply, the electric motor is divided into two kinds of supply that are alternating current and direct current. The universal motor is an alternating current motor, the construction, and characteristics of a universal motor are the same as a direct current motor. Fuzzy Logic Controller is combined with AC Chopper circuit as a universal motor driver to control the motor universal speed at the stability of 1000 RPM and uses LM393 Optical Encoder sensor that will give a feedback signal to the fuzzy system as input. This research purpose is to implement AC Chopper as a universal motor driver to get more stable speed control combined with Fuzzy Logic Controller as feedback. In this study, the author uses the experimental method. With variable control are setpoint at 50% duty cycle and 1000 RPM speed reference of motor universal. Which is using 10 types of duty cycle values to get the average of driver efficiency and then using 2 kinds of load conditions for the controller test. The result of the driver test is to get speed control while without load condition has a period of 3 – 5 seconds to reach 1000 RPM. Then, when the load shedding condition has an overshoot value of up to 1193.33 RPM and reaches 1000 RPM in the range of 2 - 3 seconds. In this study, got the result of average driver efficiency is 85.41%.

Author Biography

Widjonarko Widjonarko, University of Jember

I'm Dr. in energy conversion and head of electrical engineering at the University of Jember


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