Analisa Buckling pada Spring JIS SWP B7 dengan Beban 1183 N




Buckling, Spring, JIS SWP B7, Safety Factor Test


To analyze buckling on a spring, an experimental and simulation test is needed at the time of subsequent loading from the test results and experiments that can later become a parameter for the manufacturing industry in designing a spring component. From the test results, based on the analysis of the occurrence of buckling over is the size of the squarew where at the squarnest 6.00 mm and 6.30 mm buckling occurs 4.00 mm and 4.20 mm while the required standard is 3 mm so that it exceeds the existing standards. After reducing the squarnest to 4.00 mm and 4.30 mm, the results of the experiment resulted in buckling 2.00 mm and 2.20 mm which met the standard of less than 3 mm. Analysis of the standard coiling machine used refers to the free length, namely 257 to 260 mm at the 6.0 mm squarnest and 5.7 mm free length of 256.0 mm and 255.0 mm, which meets the standard after improvement experiments by changing Squarnest 3.0 mm and 4.0 mm resulting free length 258.0 mm and 259.0 mm which still meet the existing standards so that it does not affect the existing standards. The results of the safety factor test for the coil spring SWP B. 7.0 can be concluded that the safety factor has met the existing standards, namely 0.1500 <1. The results of calculations using experiments in the buckling testing process on the spring are stated to have met the standards by having a safety factor. <1.

Author Biographies

Didik Sugiyanto, Universitas Darma Persada

Mechanical Engineering

Herry Susanto, Darma Persada of University

Mechanical Engineering

Taufikul Ahdi, Universitas Bung Karno

Mechanical Engineering


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