Calculation of Belt Conveyor for Transferring Steel Grit in Sandblasting Room




Belt Conveyor, Screw Conveyor, Steel Grit, Sandblasting, Bearing, Capacity


This paper presents a study of belt conveyor for transferring steel grit as main sandblasting material in blasting room. The belt conveyor was designed to replace the existing screw conveyor that frequently breakdown due to the repair of bearings that was damaged by insertion of steel grit into the bearings. In addition, the screw conveyor transport capacity was considered inefficient because some of the steel grit was not transferred as it was left in the gap between the screw and the cover plate. The design process initiated with an examination of the existing problem, then a series of  calculation was carried out to determine its specification refering to the existing conveyor data.  As a result, the belt conveyor was designed with the capacity of 236.81 tons per hour which is larger then the existing screw conveyor and have less breakdown since there will be no bearing damage as it occurs in the screw conveyor.


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