Identifikasi Kerusakan Altenator Daihatsu Luxio dengan Metoda Fungsi Respon Frekuensi


  • Subekti Subekti Universitas Mercubuana
  • Muhammad Nurul Hidayat Universitas Mercubuana dan PT Astra Daihatsu Motor, Technical Service Division
  • Abdul Hamid Universitas Mercubuana
  • Basuki Dwi Efendi PT Astra Daihatsu Motor, Technical Service Division
  • Jeffri Silaen Universitas Mercubuana
  • Aditya Putra Widodo Universitas Mercubuana



Rough Voice, Alternator, Preventive Maintenance, Frequency Re-sponse Function, Vibration Pattern


Gasoline engines should sound soft, even tend to be minimal. But when the symptom of a rough sound emerged from the engine room, it was even more like a diesel sound that was quite loud. So that many customers have complained about the rough sound of their vehicle's engine when the engine is started, from the results of the initial inspection that was carried out as a result of the rough noise coming from the bearings on the alternator which experienced wear due to reduced lubrication in the bearings. This requires that preventive maintenance checks on the alternator are a must in the automotive world. On the basis of the above, in this paper, we will discuss the damage to the Daihatsu Luxio alternator with the frequency response function (FRF) method. Damage to the alternator can be seen at point A and point D, seen with a frequency at 1500 Hz in a damaged condition, while in good condition there is no frequency at 1500 Hz. At points B, C, E, and F have the same vibration pattern between the damaged and undamaged conditions. Visually checking results show that the bearing component at point A, it is known that the ball bearing is peeling. This results in a rough spinning of the bearing and makes the alternator make a rough noise while working.


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