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Pompa plunger, injeksi bahan kimia, dan performansi


The West Stupa Pavilion is one of the offshore platforms of TOTAL E&P Indonesie which operates in the oil and gas sector in Indonesia. In the production process at the West Stupa platform, there is a pneumatic pump which is useful for injection of corrosion inhibitor chemicals for pipe flow, corrosion inhibitor pumps using a plunger pump type. Corrosion inhibitor pumps have a controlled-volume function, where the normal injection rate is 0.5 L / MMSCF. Where the West Stupa ridge system is a state asset and a company asset, it must be maintained. The stability of the injection of existing chemicals still needs to be re-evaluated in order to achieve a stable injection system and maximize the function of chemicals. The research was conducted at the West Stupa Pavilion, South Mahakam field, the work area of ​​TOTAL E&P Indonesie in East Kalimantan. The research is a calculation of the total head of the chemical injection pump using a working pressure simulation method with fluid in the form of EPT2300 and KI3063 which have different SG (Specific Gravity). The results showed that the performance of the chemical injection pump at the West Stupa platform after being calculated to have the highest total head of 402.02 m at the EPT2300 the amount of flow was 52 liters/day and 373.5 m at KI3063 the amount of flow was 49 liters/day with Performance percentage was 7.1% greater when pumping EPT2300 chemicals. Therefore, it is advisable to carry out periodic checks on the internal components of the pump if you want to pump KI3063 chemical with higher specific gravity.


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