Pengaruh Komposisi 2.9% dan 3.8% Si terhadap Kekuatan Lelah Besi Cor Kelabu

I Made Wicaksana Ekaputra, Arnold A. I. Litaay, Budi Setyahandana


The addition of Silicon (Si) on the gray cast iron can initiate graphite dispersion where the graphite becomes smaller and more evenly distributed. This study investigated the effect of Si concentration of 2.9% and 3.8%  on the fatigue strength of the gray cast iron. The Si was added by the casting process with the open ladle method. The specimens were manufactured by following the ASTM E-466. Several tests such as tensile test, Brinell hardness test, and microstructure observation were conducted prior to the fatigue testing. The results showed that the Si concentration of 3.8% tended to increase the tensile strength up to 1.3%, the hardness up to 7.6%, and fatigue limit up to 10%. Moreover, the fatigue fractured specimen of 3.8% Si showed the combination of type A and type B graphite where graphite is smaller and more evenly distributed. In addition by applying the logistic equation, the fatigue strength can be predicted well.


Gray Cast Iron; Graphit; Silicium; Fatigue Strength

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