Optimasi Desain Gasket Karet Tipe Ring Profil C Flange Closed Groove dengan Metode Simulasi


  • Fikrul Akbar Alamsyah Universitas Brawijaya
  • Mochamad Agus Choiron Universitas Brawijaya
  • Anindito Purnowidodo Universitas Brawijaya




C Profile Rubber Gasket, Taguchi Method, Contact Width, Contact Stress, Mooney-Rivlin


Gasket is one of important part in piping system to prevent leakage, especially in connection between pipes. The purpose of this study was to determine the optimal design on C profile rubber gasket based on contact width considering contact stress. Design parameter in this study were lips thickness (t)= 4; 4,5; 5 mm, lips length (l)= 5; 5,5; 6 mm, outer diameter (Ro)= 6,5; 6,7; 6,9 mm and inner diameter (Ri)= 2,5; 3; 3,5 mm. The observed value is contact width considering contact stress due to flange tightening and its measure by using finite element-based software. Mooney-Rivlin mathematical model used as rubber material model. Based on data from the simulation results, it can be obtained by using Taguchi Method; lips thickness (t) = 4,5 mm, lips length (l) = 6 mm, Outer Radius (Ro) = 6,9 mm and Inner Radius (Ri) = 3,5 mm.


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