Pengaruh Penggunaan Katalis (Zeolit) Terhadap Kinetic Rate Tar Hasil Pirolisis Serbuk Kayu Mahoni (Switenia Macrophylla)

Dody Candra Kumara, Widya Wijayanti, Denny Widhiyanuriyawan


This research was conducted to find out the influence of the use of a catalyst (zeolite) against kinetic rate results of tar pyrolysis of sawdust mahogany. research process undertaken experimentally with temperature 523K and 873K on the heating rate 673 K/hour. pyrolysis is done for 3 hours with wood powder particle size 0,5 – 1 mm. before use activated zeolite in advance by means of heated at a temperature of 400 °c for 1 hour. the results showed the value of kinetic rate tar with zeolites greater than without zeolites , where the value of the kinetic rate equation obtained i.e. 𝑘 = 185,49. 𝑒 −2779/𝑇 (heating rate 673 K/hour without zeolite) and 𝑘 = 93,037. 𝑒 (heating rate 673 K/hour with zeolite). The results of the validation shows the value addition in the calculation of the volume is already approaching the actual value.


Pyrolysis; Zeolite; Mahogany; Heating Rate; Temperature; Kinetic Rate

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