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Centrifugal Pump, Impeller, Numerical Simulation Blade, Com-putational Fluid Dynamic, Static Structural Analysis


Centrifugal pumps are divided into two main components, namely the impeller and the volute. The impeller is a rotating pump component, while the volute is a stationary pump component. The current problem in the industrial world is that the pump capacity that operates is not in accordance with the written capacity so that the pump does not work optimally. In addition, the structural analysis of the pump is minimally carried out so that damage to the pump often occurs. To overcome this, it is necessary to analyze the performance and structure of the centrifugal pump design using computational fluid dynamics and static structural analysis methods on variations in the number of blades & impeller rotation speed. The results of the CFD analysis obtained are validated using existing product specifications and studies that have been carried out. The maximum value of the resulting von-mises stress is 20,238 Mpa, the maximum value of the resulting strain is 0.00010133, while the maximum total deformation value is 0.051984 mm. The three maximum values ​​occur in the variation of the 7 blade impeller with a rotational speed of 1800 rpm.

Author Biography

Gunawan Dwi Haryadi, Universitas Diponegoro

assc Profesor in Department of Mechanical Engineering of Diponegoro University.

GunawanDH received the Ph.D. degree from Pukyong
National University in 2012.

The  research interests are fatigue crack growth
Life Prediction and Structural Reliability


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