Studi Distribusi Temperatur Pada Kulit Manusia yang mengalami Cryotherapy dengan Finite Difference Method (FDM)


  • Slamet Wahyudi Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Faculty, Brawijaya University
  • Raf'ie Yusuf Universitas Brawijaya
  • Alfiansyah Firdhani Universitas Brawijaya
  • Zulfa Salsabila Rafiya Firdaus Universitas Brawijaya



Temperature Distribution, Cryotherapic, Bioheat Transfer, Finite Difference Method


Biological heat transfer studies the transfer of heat in biological systems from inside the human body or from outside to inside the body. The biological heat transfer equation uses the Pennes equation, which applies to the layers of skin made up of the epidermis, dermis, fat, and muscle. This investigation solves the biological heat transfer equation to obtain a one-dimensional unstable temperature distribution in human skin layers subjected to cryotherapy with cold packs at temperatures of 278 K and 283 K using the finite difference method (FDM). The results show that cold compresses influence the temperature distribution on human skin due to the very significant temperature difference between the heat sink temperature and the core temperature of the human body. The greater the temperature difference, the more significantly the temperature distribution in human skin decreases. This is due to the heat transfer that occurs due to two temperature differences, namely the core temperature of the body and the temperature of the cold substance, and is also favored by differences in thermal conductivity, density, and specific heat. that exist in every layer of the skin.

Author Biography

Slamet Wahyudi, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Faculty, Brawijaya University

Mechanical Engineering


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